January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021

Church Council

Chairperson of the church council; Candy Lucore

Lay leader; Barbara Rogers
Chairperson of the SPRC; Linda Johnson
Chairpersons of the committee on finance; Philip Poissonnier and Karl Foss
Chairperson of the board of trustees;
Church treasurer; Candy Lucore and Barbara Rogers

Finance Secretary; Lynn Ware
President of the United Methodist Men;
President of the United Methodist Women;
Chair Person of the N.O.W.;

Chairperson of the committee worship;
Chairperson of the Education;

Lay member to annual conference; Barbara Rogers 

Pastor; Chong Choi


Nomination and Leader Development  (3 years term)

Chong Choi Maureen Dole, Beverly Poissonnier, Shelia Davis,          

Lay member of Annual Conference, Lay leader


Pastor/Staff-Parish Relationship Committee  (3 years term)

Chair    Linda Johnson

Shelia Davis, Linda Johnson

Marcia Buck, Barbara Daigle, Beverly Possonnier, Terri Gogan.

Lay leader, Lay member of annual conference, pastor.



Trustee  (3 years term)

Richard Fortier, Lynn Ware, Thomas Hieronymus.

Marlene Myers, Don Belgrade. Alfred Wing.



Worship Committee

Ellen Cihiwsky, Dot Chapman, Marcia Buck, Lynn Ware, Shelia Davis, Candy Lucore, Beverly Poissonnier, Marlene Myers, Music director, Beverly Veilleux.



Finance Committee                                               

Chair: Philip Poissonnier, Karl Foss                                                                                                                             Pastor, lay member of the annual conference, Chairperson of the church council, chairperson or representative of the committee on pastor-parish relations, representative of the trustees to be selected by the trustees, lay leader, financial secretary, treasurer. Richard Fortier, Thomas Hieronymus.



Nurture, Outreach and Wellness Ministries (NOW)

Helen Cook, Dot Chapman, Shelia Davis, Barbara Roger, Beverly Poissonnier, Marlene Myers, Beverly Potter.  


Membership Committee

Linda Johnson, Marion Wing, Elsa Ellis.


Education committee

Lynn Ware, Ellen Cihiwsky, Marion Wing, Elsa Ellis.